Thanks to Margaret C. Jones for suggesting this glossary.  Please feel free to add terms you want clarified or useful terms you learn.


  • Blogroll – list of blogs liked by the blogger, or linked to the blog
  • Categories – list of areas within the blog.  Can be topics or user names.
  • Comment – reply to a post, usually very short, usually an opinion or feedback—
  • Dashboard – the place on the blog site where you write blog posts, control the blog and view use.  The driver’s panel.
  • Follower – an official “liker” of a blog.  Gives the blogger an indication of audience and sometimes gives the ability to comment.
  • Post – usually 1-4 paragraphs of writing on a current topic, with a link for comments.  They appear on the Home page in chronological order.
  • Page – more permanent than a post,  and usually longer.  Used for things link “About” and “Guidelines”
  • Sidebar – area on the left and right of the main screen with tabs for doing things.
  • Sticky – found on the right side bar of the dashboard in the publish area, by clicking on “edit” visibility.  Puts the post at the top of the home page so it is seen first.
  • Subscriber – gets email notifications of new posts on a blog they are subscribed too.  Similar to ‘Follower”
  • User role – controls the level of access.  My students, and you, are authors.  I am an administrator.  Read this page for more detailed information.
  • Widget – often small tool or graphic eg visitor counter that enhances your blog.  There are free widgets that you can access through an Edublogs blog, and lots more information here

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